EP22 – GlowPops

Beka repairs a cart while Bubo tastes too many glow treats.

EP23 – See Now

A bot is noticed through upgrades at the Robotik lab.

EP24 – Road Trip

Beka upgrades wheels for a bot with a push from Bubo.

EP25 – Scooter For Two

Two bots fight over a scooter at the Robotik Lab.

EP26 – Goodbye Dolly

A visit to Beka and Bubo helps a pair of bots connect.

EP27 – Ride Share

Beka upgrades a bike for a ride by two bots.

EP28 – HueBot

A visit from Beka and Bubo brings colour to a neighbourhood.

EP29 – About Time

Beka helps ticket bot find calm with a perch for a bird bot.

EP30 – Beetlebot Picnic

Beka and Bubo deal with unexpected pest bots at a picnic.

EP31 – Band Aid

One bot gets upgraded to a band by Beka at the Robotik lab.

EP32 – Running On Empties

Beka makes use of glow treat empties a bot has collected.

EP33 – Narrow Escape

Beka and Bubo help an Elk bot get through a tight spot.

EP34 – Bad Reception

An older bot comes for a tune-up and then lends Beka a hand.

EP35 – Too Fun

A visit from Beka and Bubo get the bots onto the right bus.

EP36 – Luggage

A bot with a heavy suitcase gets help at the Robotik Lab.

EP37 – Oar Not

Beka and Bubo help a bot speed up his ship in their Lab.

EP38 – Fraidy Cat

An injured Cat Bot is found and fixed by Beka and Bubo.

EP39 – Hop To It

A bot gets bounce from a visit to the Robotik Lab.

EP40 – Rhino Cowbot

Beka and Bubo visit a ranch to help with a Rhino Bot.

EP41 – Twitching

Beka and Bubo help a bird watching bot.

EP42 – Boxing Day

Beka and Bubo make costumes for a dance party with bots.