EP01 – Tulips

A bot with wheel trouble gets an upgrade at the Robotik Lab.

EP02 – Light House

A bot harvesting light bulbs needs help from Beka and Bubo.

EP03 – Need A Hand

Beka’s handy solution brings two friends together.

EP04 – Poor Stiff

A tall bot gets help from Beka to pass under a low bar.

EP05 – See The Light

A sunny day puts the team on a mission to make shade.

EP06 – Windows

A bot with big windows to clean comes to the Robotik Lab.

EP07 – A Hole Matey

X marks the spot for a treasure-hunting upgrade by Beka.

EP08 – Bee Yourself

Beka fixes a broken Bot while Bubo chases bugs.

EP09 – Groove

A street-dancer bot gets a hip groove from Beka and Bubo.

EP10 – Expanding Headband

A musical bot reaches the note with an upgrade from Beka.

EP11 – Taking Air

A bot flies a kite using a lift from Beka and Bubo.

EP12 – Going Steady

Beka makes a steady camera for a bot with shaky photos.

EP13 – Keep It Together

A mom gets help from Beka keeping duckling bots in a row.

EP14 – Fish Out Of Water

Beka makes an upgrade to a Bot trying to swim.

EP15 – One Luv

Beka and Bubo visit a tennis bot who has hit a wall with their game.

EP16 – New Heights

A bot gets help at the Robotik Lab to paint a big canvas.

EP17 – Hitch Your Wagon

A broken bot is repaired by Beka while Bubo makes a friend.

EP18 – Surprise

A barrel bot gets cleaned at the Robotik Lab for a party.

EP19 – Buddy System

Beka upgrades a small bot to keep up with a big bot.

EP20 – The Switch

A small bot has a bedtime visit from Beka and Bubo.

EP21 – Careful Now

A Bot comes to the Robotik Lab for a bigger traffic sign.